Heal your past so you can write a brighter future

Burnout, chronic illness, anxiety, perfectionism, food addiction and eating disorders are all signs your body is crying out to be listened to. 

Learn how to use the power of healing through writing to feel yourself again and live the life of your choice. 

Heal by reconnecting with the wisdom of your body

Want to build a deeper connection with yourself and your loved ones?

Want to let go of the past and move forward with self-trust and self-awareness?

Want to create a life you no longer want or need to escape from?

Growth and healing begin when we shift our awareness away from the mind and tune in to the wisdom of the body and soul.

My approach combines embodied writing and embodied processing techniques to create a unique process called Storytelling for the Soul.

Guiding people to heal through writing is my life's work...

Compassionate and understanding

“You created, through your compassion and understanding, a safe platform for me to express myself which allowed me to find deeper healing, something that I had not anticipated would be an outcome of this writing journey. It has been such a pleasure working with you. I am now proud of "my story" and your encouragement, validation and support...” - Bharati



“I highly recommend Sarah for all her wisdom and knowledge around writing through trauma and any situation that arises. I recently had the opportunity to explore storytelling with Sarah. It was profound and is a very useful tool. Thank you once again Sarah.” - Leanne


Blown away is an understatement

“I've only had one session so far with Sarah and I chose to work on my sugar addiction with her. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. One session and a very intense body response afterwards and the need for sugar has already halved this week. I can't wait to keep digging deep on this one.” - Kathie


Validated my trauma

“I found great value in the one hour class on writing through trauma with Sarah and I hope I can continue to work with her. As a peer worker myself, I [found] the way Sarah addressed and validated my trauma very helpful and hopeful.” - Kristy


I walked away feeling lighter and clearer

“Whilst I already love writing, having time with Sarah has opened my eyes to how important the body/soul connection really is. Her gentle and quiet way of guiding me through her process made it feel easier for me to let go and dive into what I needed to feel and hear. I walked away feeling lighter and clearer on where I might need to do more work, and what my body really wants me to know. Thanks Sarah for a wonderful session!” - Birgit


A wonderful facilitator

“Sarah is a wonderful facilitator and helps you to activate

your body to bring you messages to understand and process.”

- Lisa


Hi, I'm Sarah Cannata, creator of Storytelling for the Soul. 

Through extensive healing, study, exploration and personal development work, I've made my way back home; to a place where I'm living my best life. My lived experience allows me to guide you through an approach where together, we journey to a place of acceptance, self-love, self-awareness and self-trust. 

Through my signature embodied writing program, Storytelling for the Soul, I create a space where all parts of you are welcome. Through writing and other embodied processing techniques, we'll work on reconnecting you with the wisdom of your body. You'll learn how to use the power of writing for healing whenever you need to.

I guide those who identify as women to use writing as a healing tool to tap into their soul and write the future of their dreams. I look forward to accompanying you on your unique journey.

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