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If you’re looking for a passionate storyteller, you’re in the right place.

I’m Sarah, a happy introvert and quiet achiever. I’ve always known that I wasn’t quite like everyone else, even as a kid. One of my earliest memories was telling my parents I was going to be the first female AFL footballer when I grow up (it’s our national game that is typically played by men, for those who aren’t from Australia). Back then, that wasn’t really an option but now, it definitely is for the younger generation. I like to think I’ve always been ahead of the times.

I am a big daydreamer and have no issues admitting that I’m ambitious, hard working and I always remember being able to write pretty effortlessly (unlike dealing with numbers, let’s not talk about numbers). I lead with compassion, empathy and determination. A self-confessed introvert, I’m far better at listening than talking and I’ve taken my fair share of calculated leaps of faith in my time. As for my gut instinct, it never lets me down.

I have a Bachelor of Journalism and have worked in Communications since graduating. My career began writing about movies and editing a magazine as I worked my way up to earn the promotion that would allow me to obtain the corporate role that I so desperately wanted at the time. After a lot of dedication, which involved working pretty much 24/7 (I don’t recommend it) and excelling in my field and the business I worked in for 5 years, I was offered what I felt was the dream role. Higher pay, more opportunities, less workload… the only problem was that I was miserable and bored.

It was then that I discovered the wonderful world of making a living, without the strings that come with a 9 to 5 job. After years of trying to outrun my past, my business coach opened me up to a world where I can own my story, help others by doing so and shed the weight of the world that comes with living in fear of someone discovering your big ‘secret.’

In addition to publishing a picture book, Willow Willpower, I’ve been published in The Huffington Post, Mamamia, The Age, Women’s Agenda, Kochie’s Business Builders, SBS Online and so on.

Over the last few years, so much has changed but then again, so much hasn’t. If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that trying to outrun your past is impossible and worse still, it’s a lonely and unnecessary journey. Your story makes you who you are. And what I know for sure is that quality storytelling has the power to change the world.