In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, many companies and people are doing whatever they can to support women and girls, around the globe. Our founder, Sarah Cannata’s, first picture book – Willow Willpower – is scheduled to be released later this year with 100 per cent eco-friendly publisher, blOOturtle.

blOOturtle supports children and their healthy future with their 100 per cent eco-friendly kids books. This Thursday, the publisher will campaign for girls and women by offering 1 euro (over $1 AUD) for every book sold online to its designated organisations, The Global Women’s Project and Lila in Köln, between 8 to 11 March 2018.

“When our author, Susan Bagdach, told me that even in Europe, at least every third women is affected by physical and/or sexual violence, we were shocked at blOO. We love to support women’s projects to offer our help wherever it is needed – we have lots of authors who personify female empowerment after all! Unfortunately, our possibilities are limited being a publishing company in its infancy but we’re determined to do whatever we can,” explains Nicola Ganaye, Creative Head of blOOturtle.

Meanwhile, This Woman Can’s founder, believes that holding half of the word’s population back will never be the answer to creating a more equal, sustainable and inclusive world.

“Change is not inevitable – it’s something we fight for on International Women’s Day and each day of the year. It’s great that the world comes together celebrate one day each March but we need to do more on a daily basis. The change we need to see won’t happen overnight but we’re already seeing some incredibly positive signs that people are being proactive in chasing a brighter future.”

blOO’s idea to donate was driven by the desire to give everyone the chance to contribute to help women and girls by simply buying a beautiful picture book, containing important messages for kids.  A number of titles are available including Ballerina Monkey, Darcy and the Dinosaurs and The Meadow.

Two incredible organisations will benefit from the publisher’s International Women’s Day promotion. All donations collected for English titles will go towards The Global Women’s Project, an independent registered Australian non-profit organisation, who gives women around the world the tools and resources they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities. Meanwhile, Lila in Köln (Purple in Cologne) will gain the relevant donations from all German titles sold. The organisation assists and accompanies girls and women on a base of feministic society analysis. On a municipal, regional and federal level, it supports equal participation in all social scopes and strengthens the ideas of a self-determined life.

blOOturtle’s campaign extends from 8 until 11 March 2018 in celebration of International Women’s Day.

To support this worthy cause, you can buy any blOOturtle titles via our online shop at blOOturtle Publishing.



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