Ever had that sinking experience of staring at a cursor as it flashes on and off a blank screen? You can lose minutes, sometimes even hours as you continue to stare at what’s in front of you. It’s a feeling most of us have experienced at one point.

If you’re a business owner or leader who knows you have great ideas to communicate but just can’t start writing, you’re not alone. Too many people get caught up on how to write and the grammar/spelling mistakes they’re afraid of making instead of focusing on what they’re trying to articulate with their writing. So much so that they may never actually write anything or if they do put something together, they’re too afraid to share it as far and wide as they can.

The consequences? We’ll explore this in more depth below but the bottom line is, by failing to communicate and engage with your audience effectively, you risk disappearing into thin air and slowly becoming irrelevant. Nothing will jeopardise your business quicker and have a greater impact on your bottom line than being inconsequential.

If you can speak, you can write


It really is that simple. Labouring over every sentence and trying to include words here and there to make you sound more ‘sophisticated’ or ‘intelligent’ does not make you a better communicator. In reality, when you start to become obsessed with how you’re writing, you stifle your own creativity and often, fail to achieve anything.

What ideas are you yet to write about?


Writing content helps to establish you and your business as an authority in your field. In any industry or line of work, you can have the most revolutionary and innovative ideas but if you’re invisible to the outside world and never give anyone the chance to see or hear the change you’re creating or working towards, you’re leaving a huge gap for others to fill. You’re not building the quality relationships any business and genuine leader needs in order to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

If you’re time poor or just struggling to get your words down on paper, hiring a copywriter or ghost writer is a valuable investment as quality content helps to create a connection with your target market. When you’re working with someone who’s the right fit for you, it should feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. It’s as simple as filling out a written brief or discussing how you work best and from there, a professional writer will be able to draft up quality content that you can share across your networks so that you’re connecting with new clients and continuing to educate your market and ideal buyers. People buy from people they like (in a business sense), know and trust. They look to businesses to add value and buy solutions to their problems. You need to show your audience with your content that you’re exactly what they’re looking for.

Repurpose your content to maximise its reach


Once you have quality content that speaks in a language that appeals to your audience, it can then be repurposed in a variety of ways. What starts of as a blog may then become a LinkedIn article, portions can be taken for social media posts, elements may be borrowed to put together a video or re-written for an editorial piece for the media. The possibilities really are endless. One piece of content can go a long way towards building the kind of trusting relationship that results in repeat customers in the long-term, boosting your bottom line.

The most engaging content isn’t always perfect


What is most important is that you don’t give into your fear of sharing your ideas with the world. This robs your business of its ability to reach its full potential.

Don’t let your fear of writing hold your business back


Focus on getting your ideas down and then bringing in a professional to proofread or re-work your content if need be. Your audience wants to hear from you.

If you’re keen to improve your writing but are struggling to get over that daunting, blank page hurdle, just start writing! Even if you have to skip the headline (sometimes, that’s the best approach) to come back to it later or if you wind up writing the article another three times. Most writers will tell you that they draft and re-draft their content over and over again.

If you’re passionate about creating quality content that speaks to your target market, reach out and let’s discuss how we can achieve your goals together.


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