In addition to her role as the founder and CEO of Time Stylers, a company that helps people with time management in today’s hectic world, Kate Christie is an international speaker and the best selling author of Me Time: The professional woman’s guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month.

Kate grew up as part of a generation of women who told they could have it all, and she genuinely believed it to be true. Her formula for success was simple: hard work and a lot of drive.

That formula was destined to take a serious blow when, in the year 2000, she had three babies in three and a half years.  Determined to not let having children slow her down, Kate became a real super-mum.

No-one could run faster in heels to get to the creche before penalty rates started to apply.

Kate recalls a normal day, “Put the kids in the car, get them all home at the speed of light as they howled with fatigue and hunger, make a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, run the bath, check emails, bath the kids, check emails again, vacuum the floor, check emails, drink a glass of wine, check emails,  put dinner on, check emails, drink more wine, check emails for the last time, wave ‘hi’ to my partner before falling into bed… and check emails again for what was definitely the final time.”

Kate knew she wasn’t ‘living the dream’. She knew something had to give and she still remembers the day it did.

“There I was, trying to be real superwoman.  Dropping my son at kindergarten before heading to my first meeting, I was dressed in a beautiful black suit, sharp heels and red lipstick, with snot all over my jacket. It was cupcake day and, in my quest to juggle it all,  I clearly missed the memo. My son was inconsolable”, Kate remembers.

As Kate rushed into her meeting, late, she jokingly tells us that she it was while distracted by thoughts of the cupcake therapy her son would need in years to come that she noticed a moment of silence. Everyone was looking at her, then looked at their watches and started talking again. It was as though she wasn’t there.

I was clearly the only member of the leadership team who didn’t have a full-time wife.

Kate knew it was time to recalibrate and left her corporate life to be with her kids, but it wasn’t long after long after, she found herself bored!

Enter her first business – Babysitters and More – an online business whose sole intention was to solve the number one problem she faced when flying the corporate flag – connecting busy parents with home experts (a.k.a helping women find ‘a wife’).

After launching the business, a learning emerged.  The market didn’t need a wife, they needed time – one of the most undervalued resources in life, they wanted the time to experience freedom, time to enjoy their kids, time to revel in being successful at work and time for themselves.

Time. It’s one of the most valuable resources we have and yet we all have exactly the same amount available to us.  Nobody has the ability to increase how much time they have, which means we need to learn how to achieve the greatest possible return with the time we have.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Kate genuinely enjoys what she does, teaching people about the small changes they can make time-wise that can help them increase their overall happiness and quality of life. As they say, time is money.

You can reach out to Kate Christie via her website or on Facebook and Twitter.


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