How Zanne Friida Piilipson embraces being wild and free 

By Sarah Cannata

Zanne Friida Piilipson openly admits to having held a black belt in self-destructive behaviour since birth. In 2005, she hit a wall.

“Nothing is permanent. There is always another way.”

Fast-forward 11 years and as the founder of Intuitive Mentor, Zanne has spent her time honing her passion as an intuitive mentor, behavioural transformation expert and a therapist for therapists within the self-development industry.

“I’m now on a love mission to help talented women around the world to be more aware and to stand up for themselves, while operating from the heart.”

Zanne’s journey has not been easy

When serving in the Danish Army, she chose to stand beside her friend. Zanne was forced to take leave to cope with the harassment that followed but doesn’t regret her actions.

Zanńe and her platoon honouring the celebration of Kings Artillery guardian Saint Barbara.

“The media often wrote that women were leaving the army and I felt relieved. When I stood up for my friend, I showed other female soldiers that they had a voice. This was my purpose for serving in the army and I knew that my journey in the army had come to an end.”

In 2005, Zanne quit the Danish Army after a decade and found herself in a wheelchair. That marked the seventh time she’d faced death simply because of her own reckless.

A week prior to Zanne’s motorcycle collision with a tractor that left her in a wheelchair fighting for her life.

Self-destructive behaviours

Zanne openly admits that her self-destructive behaviours were triggered by a desperate need for love and affection.  Despite the joyful expression of her childhood (pictured), Zanne was missing the experience of being accepted and loved.

Zanne as a child.

Zanne was grappling with an eating disorder, post traumatic stress, chronic pain, arthritis and several allergies.  Told she would never ski again or be able to engage in martial arts and that she’s likely to develop cancer due to all of the X-rays she required, Zanne was devastated but she refused to give up.

Within a couple of years, she was skiing again. She had overcome her arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder and the numerous allergies and traumas.

The future

Zanne’s harrowing journey led her to develop a holistic treatment program for talented, aware and sensitive women with tremendous inner strength. She helps people to act from the heart.

Zanne’s program includes a new aura concept and her own regression and inner child therapy techniques that are capable of removing emotional, physical and behavioural imbalances and challenges. She’s now helped to treat thousands of women thanks to various treatment methods via her online membership groups, online seminars, webinars and workshops. Her goal is to be remembered for creating a new spiritual philosophy that simplifies the way we practice spirituality.

We’ll leave the final words to Zanne:

“I’m a person who fought my whole life to be part of a community but never found one. Recently, I’ve realised that’s because I was never meant to become a follower. I am a leader and my role in the world is to create a dedicated community for those of us who are different. I’m proud of where I am today and that I’m still standing.”

If you’d like to find out more about the great work Zanne is doing with women, you can connect with her on her websiteFacebook or on YouTube.

If you or someone you know may be at risk of suicide, seek help immediately. Call Lifeline (13 11 14), the Suicide Call Back Service (1300 659 467), Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800) or see your family doctor.

This article was first published on TEAM Women Australia.

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