Creating content that is fresh and contains unique insights on a regular basis can be both challenging and overwhelming. So many businesses have fallen into the trap of focusing their attention on pumping out content thick and fast instead of taking the time to create quality content that speaks to their target market and feeds them information that is valuable and that they can’t find elsewhere.


The end result?


When you copy and tweak content from here and there and mash it altogether, you’re achieving little but regurgitating content and creating what we love to call a content Frankenstein. You need to remember that your target market is switched on to the issues in your space – they’re consuming a lot of similar/related content. It’s easy to catch onto these tactics very quickly, making you look lazy to your clients and potential customers. A blog and social media channels made up of one big content Frankenstein is actually harming your brand more than anything. It defeats the purpose of creating content, leaves a bad taste in your customer’s mouths and certainly isn’t helping you to maximise business results.


Remember, the internet is like a super-powered highway…


There are so many brilliant and insightful leaders in every industry sharing powerful stories and talking about their target market and their customers. To stand out from the crowd and avoid being yet another search result on Google, you need to offer a unique voice. Regurgitating what already exists is not thought-provoking, inspiring or game changing. Consider this question:

What unique insights can you offer people that no one else in your industry can?

Drawing a blank? It’s not always easy to see what you can offer the world and your industry when you’re living and breathing what you do day-in, day-out. An outsider looking in is going to see things that you can’t simply because you’re too close. A communications professional often wears many different hats. They should be fantastic at communication, a great listener and most of all, they need to have a knack for asking questions that bring your unique voice to the forefront.

Let’s be clear, you’re not just paying this person to write. There’s so much more value involved when you find the right professional to work alongside you and your business.

The best communications professionals don’t simply write well


They work alongside people to hone in on what makes them unique and different. By engaging with you and listening to what you say about a variety of topics, in time, they should be able to capture your voice, personality and expertise, effortlessly. This person is not only passionate about what they do, they’re passionate about what you do. They’re not just interested in working with you so that they can send through another invoice (don’t get us wrong, everyone needs to make a living) – they’ll take the time to sift through ideas with you and single out the thoughts that everyone is having, versus the thoughts that have the power to take you to the top of your game.


Good communication is all about humanising brands…


And telling stories that your target market can tap into and relate to. Great communications professionals may not always tell you what you want to hear (for example, every idea that you come up with is great) but they will be able to communicate what you need to hear with the vision of creating the kind of messaging that is going to establish you as a thought leader and someone who is capable of building a meaningful legacy.

Ready to tap into the power of storytelling to position your business as thought leaders, helping you to maximise your business results? Reach out and let’s chat about what we can achieve together.


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