Content is King (although, we’ll go with Queen)

How many times have you heard or read that line? Somewhere along the way, people have misinterpreted the focus of their content marketing. Many businesses out there are pumping out more and more content without considering its quality and what they’re trying to achieve. It’s time for us to move on from the days when more content meant better search rankings, as did buying backlinks. In 2017 and moving forward, that is certainly not the case anymore.

Focusing on producing more content than resources allow, equates to content that misses the mark and is of poor quality. When you jam-pack your schedule with writing 2 articles per day (on top of everything else you have to do to run your business) that have no structure, are littered with spelling and grammar errors and don’t have much purpose, you’re not dedicating any time towards allowing your ideas to grow and carefully consider what you’re actually trying to communicate to your target audience. You’re far better of producing 1 quality piece of content per week that you’re proud of, that lives and breathes your brand and adds value to your customer’s experience on your website or wherever else they’re reading your work.

Creating quality content takes time


There’s no escaping that putting together good content is time consuming but the rewards are worth it. Failing to produce quality content is likely to mean that you won’t be developing and nurturing your audience over time.

Say you’re running a health/fitness blog that aims to provide tips that are accessible to the average person who is time poor and might have a tight budget. Producing one quality blog post consistently (so that people know when to come back to read your next post), is going to be far more beneficial in the long-run than posting a blog per day that is of no value to your audience.

Even if you only have 1 reader to begin with, that’s 1 reader to nurture and to be grateful for. Consistency and being passionate about what you’re producing are the qualities that eventually contribute towards pieces of content going viral when the time is right.

It’s not helpful for us to mince our words


When you post content that is below par, you’re telling your audience – however big or small – that you don’t care about their experience. If you’re copying and pasting sentences from all over the internet, changing a couple of words here and there and mashing it altogether like some kind of content Frankenstein, besides flirting with copyright infringement, you’re communicating to your audience that you don’t value their time and energy.

When you’re so under the pump trying to keep up with your demanding posting schedule that you don’t bother to proofread or cross check any research referenced, you’re actually damaging your brand. Think about when you land on a website or are reading a piece of marketing collateral and it’s full of spelling mistakes. What does it say to you? Does it force you to question the business’ professionalism? Do you even continue reading?

Everyone has different skill sets and talents but getting a professional to proofread something or to adjust copy when necessary, is an option every business and business owner has available to them. Your investment in a good copywriter will far outweigh the number of clients your business silently loses simply because they can’t relate to your messaging. Long-term, the value of this investment is priceless – remember, most of your customers will turn away without giving you any feedback as to why they’ve tuned out.

You need to understand that people have more options than ever before at their fingertips these days. Your content needs to capture your target market’s interest within seconds. If your content doesn’t quickly engage your customers, is riddled with spelling mistakes or doesn’t really make sense, another option is available to people at the click of a button. The end result? Your business is forgotten in seconds and chances are, that customer is long gone before they’ve looked at anything else on your website or elsewhere.

Bad content won’t generate new customers and may even see some existing customers voting with their feet. Worst of all, most people will never spare that 5 minutes to communicate with you as to why you’ve lost their interest. They’ll just disappear, never to return. If you do receive feedback of any kind, be thankful because it gives you the opportunity to improve what you’re doing.

Bottom line: less is more


Focus on producing the kind of well-researched content you’re keen to read. Work up a content schedule/editorial calendar so that you’re planning your content, ensuring you have a nice balance of topics and commit to sticking to your plan. When you put your heart and soul into creating content for your audience, you’re proactively building an ongoing relationship with your customers and in time, these people will become your tribe and community. They will promote your business on your behalf within their own network when the time is right.  

If you’re a game changer who understand how important it is for your business to focus on providing your customers with quality content, let’s chat about how together, we can work towards achieving your goals. 


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