Sammi Constantine on music, dance and coping with challenges 

By Sarah Cannata

“I was convinced that dance was it for me and saw nothing else on my path… until my world kinda got flipped upside down.”

Sammi Constantine is one of Australia’s emerging talents thanks to her electro pop and self-confessed “no bullshit” attitude. And like most of us, she has been through her fair share of rocky times.


The young Aussie dedicated the first 17 years of her life to ballet and says it shaped her as a performer in many ways. Even though she admits that as a woman who had just 11 people at her school, it’s strange to have so many people watching what she does these days.

“I think my love for performing and being in the spotlight and also need for self expression was why it became such an important part of my life. I started dancing when I was 3 and didn’t stop until I fell into music when my opportunities in dance started to become limited.”

Unlocking her love for music

At 16-years-old, Sammi spent over 5 weeks at Westmead Hospital in Sydney where she was admitted into an adolescent eating disorder inpatient program. While this saw her working her way through challenging times, she says it helped to unlock her love for music.

“I was on bed rest for more than half of it and I was forced to stop dancing, leaving me with nothing much to do other than attempt to catch up on school work and write about what I was experiencing in a journal. Keeping journals eventually led to poetry which eventually then turned into lyrics and songwriting.

“Although my time in hospital was mostly hard and painful, this gave me some hope. When I was discharged, I decided to look more into music as something I could take more seriously. As it’s not that far from dancing as a creative or self expression form, it felt like an easy transition for me.”

Finding inspiration

The singer believes her music has the capacity to reach people in ways she never thought she could. She’s inspired by the amazing messages she’s received from people all over the world about how she’s helping them to overcome their own battles.

“For me, this is so rewarding. I imagine myself as that 16-year-old-girl back in the hospital often…to think that I am helping people just like 16-year-old me is so amazing!

“Music is my lifeline. Music is the only universal language and it has the ability to make people feel so many emotions all at the same time.”

The future

So what’s next on the cards for this ambitious young rising star who doesn’t feel as though she’s landed her ‘big break’ just yet?

music“I went to Los Angeles in 2016 for artist development and that was so amazing. I learned a lot about the industry, and I worked with a lot of incredible names while over there; I think this has played a big role in my attitude towards my overall goals in my music career and has helped me discover what kind of artist I want to be.”

Sammi writes all of her own music, explaining that “my lyrics are my stories and my stories are the parts within the music that I hope people can connect with and feel the most. Life experience and people inspire me the most. Everyone has a story. You never know someone else’s story until you sit down and ask. The world is full of inspiration.”

To this day, the young star admits to often getting too excited about opportunities that may not actually be the right fit for her. She’s focused on staying true to herself and trusting her gut. As for her advice for other budding musicians: “Work hard and don’t give up when you receive criticism. You will get told things you don’t want to hear but if you just trust your true self, everything will fall into place!”

Sammi Constantine’s latest single is Through My Clothes and is available to purchase via iTunes – you can listen to her tracks via Spotify.

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