Storytelling for the Soul

Develop a consistent writing practice to improve your mind, body and spirit

Research proves the many benefits of writing consistently

The ability to be healthier and happier is in your own hands thanks to writing. The number of science-backed ways that writing improves overall wellbeing, has been mounting over many years. 

  My wish is for people, inspired by science, to embrace a consistent writing habit and experience for themselves how they, through writing, have the power to reframe their day-to-day reality.

Ready to commit to developing a consistent writing habit? 

If you answered, yes, Storytelling for the Soul is for you!

Storytelling for the Soul Programs

Starter Program: Unlocking Your Write to Thrive 5 Day Challenge - AU$17
  • Have you heard all about the benefits of writing daily but feel 'stuck' when it comes to getting started and being consistent? Like the idea of writing your thoughts down each day but caught in overwhelm?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, the Unlocking Your Write to Thrive 5 Day Challenge is for you!
  • Ideal for: those wanting to establish a daily writing practice.

Explore Program: Writing for Self Discovery - AU$97
  • Writing can help you to improve your mindbody and soul. Before you can change anything in your life, you must create awareness about what's going on inside you. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it has become increasingly difficult to tune into our body and hear what it is trying to tell us.
  • Through writing, the power to reframe your experiences is in your hands. Through building and maintaining a regular writing practice, you will unlock parts of yourself that will help you to thrive moving forward. By working with a writing mentor, you can enhance your journey towards self-discovery. As your writing mentor, I will help you to move through any writing blocks you may experience and apply a mood of curiosity to guide you in delving deeper
  • Ideal for: people open to exploring their writing on a deeper level and who want to explore the road to self-discovery through writing and work towards healing the wounds of the past.

Next program timeline: 2022 - check back soon

Choose Your Own Adventure

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About Me

I am a passionate storyteller, writer and writing mentor. My passion is to guide people to use writing as a tool to not only make sense of the past, but to create a future that they can look forward to. 

I have a Bachelor of Journalism and have worked in Communications for over a decade. In addition to publishing a picture book, Willow Willpower, I’ve been published in The Huffington PostMamamiaThe AgeWomen’s AgendaKochie’s Business BuildersSBS Online and more. 

Ultimately, I want to share my writing to inspire you to begin your journey.

I'm an accredited Mental Health First Aider (through Mental Health First Aid Australia). This ensures I can provide you with emotional support and guidance as your story evolves.