Same-sex marriage: we’re saying yes to equality and yes to love 

By Sarah Cannata

Chances are, we may lose some readers publishing this piece but I’m okay with that. After all, This Woman Can is a platform that has been built to provide people with a supportive online community where we can all express, while feeling safe and respected.

If you’re an Australian, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the marriage equality postal survey the country is about to embark on. Understandably, the marriage equality debate has been an emotionally charged affair that is starting to get nasty with ‘No’ campaigners attempting to muddy the waters in terms of what the Plebiscite is actually about.

Fact: the majority of other countries Australia shares political, economic and social links with have legalised same-sex marriage already.

There is no doubt in my mind…


That this is an issue that our leaders in Canberra should have resolved well before now. The lack of leadership from Malcolm Turnbull and his party on this issue is deafening.

I am not gay and personally, it mortifies me to think that I, along with other Australians, will have the opportunity to vote via mail as to whether other people should have equal rights. Additionally, this situation makes me feel really uncomfortable – I can’t even imagine how it makes members of the LGBTIQ community feel.

It baffles me mentally…


That I need to vote for same sex couples to be treated with the same respect and dignity that opposite sex couples have. Why shouldn’t same sex couples be legally recognised? How can anyone even contemplate that it’s okay to discriminate against people simply because their partner is the same gender as they are?

I am a member of many online groups and I speak to a lot of people in my line of work. To hear members of the LGBTIQ community saying they’ve had to cut themselves off from all forms of technology because of the hateful comments they’re being exposed to thanks to this Plebiscite, is heartbreaking. When did it become okay to tear someone down in any kind of forum because you disagree with how they choose to live their life? Why is your opinion in this case even necessary?

We must remember that nothing about change or progress is inevitable.


We have to come together as one and fight for what we know is right and just. Of course, it is possible to disagree with others in a respectful and dignified manner. Everyone has a voice and it is fair that we are all heard. It is not fair that certain campaigns and individuals are using the Plebiscite to drive deliberate lies and weave unrelated issues into this debate. For the record, the Plebiscite is not about:

  • The Safe School’s Program
  • Children
  • Religious freedoms
  • Traditional marriage

Your vote is about whether you want the Australian Government to discuss the issue. What is even more mind boggling and utterly ridiculous about this situation is that if the majority of Australians vote that same sex couples should be treated equally, this will not actually make it law.

This Woman Can, like numerous other companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, BWS, Airbnb and a host of others, supports same sex marriage and the need to drive positive change. This is an issue that will impact many people and we promise to stand by the LGBTIQ community through these difficult times. Please remember, this is about people.

“You can’t have a nation in which a certain percentage are not given equality under the law.

“Now, in terms of the taxes they want to get us from it’s absolutely equal, but in terms of our rights it’s not.” – actor and author, Magda Szubanski, speaking on Channel 9‘s Today Show in late August

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