Free Resources For When Eating Is Hard During the Holiday Season

For those who struggle with food (you may be living with an eating disorder, engaging in disordered eating or feel as though you spend way too much time thinking about food), the Christmas and New Year period can be even more challenging than usual. Endless social gatherings, meals with loved ones, a more spontaneous schedule, seeing family members we may not have seen for a while and so on. If you're experiencing anxiety and fear about the holidays, you're in the right place.

All parts of you are welcome here. You are not alone
or broken. There is nothing wrong with you. 

If you are living with an eating disorder or disordered eating (or struggle with food), there are days when eating simply feels too hard. As much as I wish I could wave a magic wand and take all of your troubles away, I can't. However, I can teach you a simple practice that can help on the days when eating feels much harder than it should. Enter your details below to access your free resources (a video, a PDF and three guided meditations).

These Resources May Help You If...

  • Food controls every decision you make
  • You are anxious about the holidays
  • You don't like eating in front of people, especially loved ones 
  • You have fear foods and safe foods
  • You're worried you won't be able to stop eating
  • You're drawn to food because you find it soothing and comforting
  • You're incredibly rigid with your food intake and loathe the spontaneity of the holidays
  • You're worried you won't be able to exercise as much because of the holidays 
  • You dissect and segment your food when eating
  • You ping back and forth between not eating enough and bingeing
  • You are living with an eating disorder
  • You're struggling with disordered or binge eating
  • You're supporting someone who's struggling with any of the above challenges

Note: these free resources do not replace any professional medical treatment you are currently receiving, intend to seek or have been recommended to seek - it is complementary. Sarah Cannata is not a doctor, therapist, dietitian, psychologist, psychiatrist or other professional healthcare provider and does not provide medical advice or support.

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When Eating Is Hard: A Guided 28-Day Journal for Those Struggling With Food

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"You created, through your compassion and understanding, a safe platform for me to express myself which allowed me to find deeper healing, something that I had not anticipated would be an outcome of this writing journey. It has been such a pleasure working with you."



"I've only had one session so far with Sarah and I chose to work on my sugar addiction with her. To say I'm blown away is an understatement. One session and a very intense body response afterwards and the need for sugar has already halved this week. I can't wait to keep digging deep on this one."



Who Am I?

I'm Sarah Cannata, creator of Storytelling for the Soul. I'm not a doctor, therapist or any other healthcare provider. I'm someone with lived experience who has used writing to navigate my way out of several sticky situations in life.

Through extensive healing, study, exploration and personal development work, I have integrated my previously undigested life experiences and made my way back to who I really am before life happened. My lived experience allows me to guide you through an approach where you can journey to a place where you can feel acceptance, self-love, self-awareness and self-trust. 

Through my signature program, Storytelling for the Soul, I create a space where all parts of you are welcome (even the parts you pretend aren't there). My approach combines writing and embodied processing techniques that allow you to explore why you feel lost or stuck in life and what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams. Whether you're a seasoned writer or a novice, Storytelling for the Soul can equip you with practical tools to improve your well-being.


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Outside of Australia - please dial your country's emergency number or visit your family doctor or nearest hospital.

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