As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2017 and say hello to a brand new year, it’s a great time to question whether the same excuses will drive your business’ strategy in 2018. We’re all guilty of making excuses in business, especially regarding areas that push us outside of our comfort zone.

Contrary to popular belief, the media does not shut down over Christmas/New Year. In other words, even though most of us will enjoy tucking into a delicious feast come 25 December, you’ll still be able to log onto your favourite news site or switch on the TV to see the latest news. Welcome to the 24/7 news cycle.

The real question is this: are you going to allow excuses to dictate your business’ future and rob your business of the ability to reach its full potential in 2018 and beyond? Our team at This Woman Can have dipped into our Christmas stockings and pulled out the top 5 excuses we hear about why businesses aren’t seriously considering their long-term PR Strategy.


Excuse #1: You don’t have the budget


One of our favourites, what business owners really mean to say here is: “I don’t want to dedicate any of my budget to PR.” Every business has enough resource to allocate to the areas that dictate their success and if they don’t, their business won’t last. It really is that simple. Why wouldn’t you invest in growing your business’ reputation and building connections with people who can help you to maximise your profits via media coverage? When you work with a quality PR expert, you’ll be able to see the value for money they bring to your business by enhancing your brand’s awareness.


Excuse #2: You don’t have the time


You don’t have time to tell the world about your business? That doesn’t seem like a rock solid business model to us and for good reason: it doesn’t matter how good the product or service you’re offering is. If people don’t know about it, they won’t buy it. We get it – as a business owner or even a small to medium business, every second is precious and every team member’s workload is at capacity. At the end of the day, this comes back to priorities. Reality is, we all have the same number of hours in the day. It’s how we choose to spend them that dictates our future. A quality PR expert will set the expectations in terms of the input required on your behalf before you begin working with them.


Excuse #3: You really don’t need PR


The most successful and profitable businesses fire on all cylinders. Would they say:

  • We’re sending out an email campaign this week so we won’t post anything on social media.
  • Our social media following is huge so we don’t need to work on our email database.


Sure, it’s great have a huge social media following and an email marketing plan but quality PR will only add to your marketing strategy. Social media will never be able to generate what a placement in an industry magazine can and vice-versa. Earned media builds credibility, it adds another notch to your belt when some of your other strategies aren’t doing so well. If you think you don’t need PR, chances are, you don’t really understand what PR is – a good PR professional will work alongside you to help you understand the why behind your approach.


Excuse #4: It’s impossible to measure results


This one is easily solved with one simple question:

What quantifiable results are you looking for?

Asking this at the beginning, means you can work key KPIs into your PR Strategy to ensure all of your PR activity is contributing to both your short and long-term business goals. While you may not be able to track results easily all of the time, there are definitely some key metrics you can track as part of your content marketing strategy. For instance, you can track increases in web hits after an article that mentions your business is published and so on. The trackable metrics will depend on your overall Strategy and goals but a quality PR expert will be able to outline these for you upon commencing work.


Excuse #5: You’ve been burnt in the past


In the business world, this is the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.” We’re sure not every Facebook ad you’ve run has worked in the past – have you given Facebook the flick? Or maybe key members of your team haven’t lived up to expectation – did you just forget about having any staff altogether? Do you see where we’re going with this? Take the time to chat with a PR professional before engaging with them – you should be able to feel a connection and their passion for helping your business. Trust your gut instinct.

You need to choose your PR company or consultant wisely. They need to be a trusted advisor and someone you trust. We’ve heard way too many PR horror stories for comfort and it’s about learning about those red flags and using that knowledge to build a relationship with a PR consultant who’s on the same page. In any relationship, both sides need to be accountable for what they bring to the table. It’s always easy for us to point the finger but question why PR has let you down in the past and use this information to fuel your future.

Want to end your 2017 with a bang by tapping into the power of storytelling? At This Woman Can, we use stories to maximise business results and drive real change. Connect with us today.


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